What is Your Destiny Number in Numerology?

The Destiny number (or Expression)is the number that reveals your life purpose. i.e. what you are destined to achieve in this lifetime using the full name given at the time of birth.

The difference between the Life path number and Destiny number is that Life path number sets the dominant theme for your life, your native characteristics and the habits that you will carry with you through life, whereas the Destiny number is the potential hiding within you for achievement in a certain area. Knowing your Destiny number can help unlock your hidden potential, but it is very much your own duty to grab the opportunities and realize your life goal.

To get your Destiny number, take each part of your name separately and add up the letter values using the conversion chart. Arrive at a number for each part of the name. Then add the numbers to arrive at a total which you then once again reduce to a single digit.

Remember not to use an assumed name, nickname, fancy names childhood names, or omit any part of your birth name. Our names may change during course of our lives, don't worry about those changes to the name ( e.g.: married name, nickname etc.), just stay with your complete birth name. Just go with the exact name in your birth certificate.

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