Love and Marriage Compatibility Analysis

While there are a huge number of factors that make or break a relationship, it is generally difficult task to arrive at a methodology to predict what works and what doesn't.

However sufficient care can be taken by going in for a numerology analysis of the couple to see if there are areas which could cause trouble in marriage. If there is an strain in a relationship it can be used as great tool to investigate and understand certain expectations, behaviour patterns, mental blocks, aspirations which have affected the relationship

It is generally observed that some individuals gel with each other and in some there is a constant friction. This could be the result of an opposing Life path and Destiny numbers. Since Life path number shows the natural tendencies and traits at birth, it is important to have a similar trait in your prospective partner, such similarities will go a long way towards having a meaningful relationship.

Similarly Destiny numbers also have a great impact on the success of a relationship, since it covers how the partners would like to shape their lives together.

As an example if the prospective partners numbers are 5 and 6, the 5 will thrive on freedom and space, and the 6 who is noted for exerting control and nurturing supervision. The 6 wants full commitment, and the 5 is aspiring for adventure and new avenues.

The relationship, would only work probably if they could find a way to meet somewhere near the middle. They must always take care to see that the other is not let down under any circumstances. This is a couple requiring great compromise since their numbers  may be stacked against them.

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