Can a Name change improve your life?

This is one of the most talked about aspects of numerology. Most of the Numerologists however feel that the original name assigned upon birth, has the maximum influence, even though you may change your name later.

Many a times name changes can get in the way of our ambitions and endeavours in life. For this a comparison of your destiny number and name is made. If there is a severe mismatch then it is recommended that you change your name so that there is a balance. For example Take if one has a Destiny number 2 the person in question has emotional qualities i.e. empathy for others, diplomacy in dealing with people, could be a good negotiator etc. If he changes to a number 8, which denotes a powerful and commanding personality such as a change will slow down his progress if he continues to use the name.

In a few cases it could also have a adverse negative impact if your life path number is 7 and also the day in which you were born is 25th(2+5=7), this could overemphasise a certain aspect and this invariably results in certain adverse negative impact.

Hence it is suggested that care should be taken while naming a new born baby, changing your name or naming a new business etc.

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