Number 1

The ability to lead is an innate skill in an individual with life path number 1. This implies that you have the power to influence other people with your ability to inspire and initiative to manage things in any given circumstances.

As a Life Path 1, your character’s defining traits are your assertiveness, optimism, creativity and gregariousness. With your distinctive capacity for cleverness and artistic persuasion, people around you tend to enjoy your company.

Furthermore, you possess a passionate interest and motivation towards the realization of your dreams. Most often than not, it is very essential for you to follow your convictions as the desire for independence is very strong in you as well as the determination to attain your personal ambitions.

However, when the individual with this Life Path is not completely established or developed, several negative traits may be apparent. You may have what it takes to be a great leader but sometimes you fall short as a good subordinate. Keep in mind that in order to be a good leader, you should also be a good follower.

It is not very easy for you to take criticisms since you can be very sensitive and you require others to follow your way. The negative attributes of this number once manifested can create frustration and dissatisfaction which can make you weak or dependent rather than independent.

Destiny Number
As the sign of the sun, people with destiny number 1 can be very influential and controlling. You require others to conform with your ideas and ways very firmly and steadfastly. Demonstrating power and dominance is but your natural characteristic and nothing can prevent you from achieving your objectives.

You get delighted from trying out new things and pursuing unaccustomed paths. Such a person will most likely succeed in life provided that his or her motivation, vision, novelty and disposition are appropriately optimized. More often than not, destiny number 1s can be successful and effective as leaders, managers, organizers or businessmen.

Inner (Soul) Number
Those with inner soul number 1 desire obtaining power and influence over others. You always want to display your remarkable characteristics and become the centre of attraction so others can look up to. You have your own opinions and beliefs that you like to be heard and embraced. In addition, this number is accompanied with the longing for independence and self-determination. Your creative ways of providing solutions in difficult situations will lead you in fulfilling what you desire most in life.

Existence for most of you always entails competition and losing is not in your vocabulary. On the other hand, you feel very superior, often disregarding what others have to say. You tend to handle rejection poorly so you’ll need to learn how to lead others by bestowing your constituents with utmost respect.

Outer (Personality) Number
With regards to outer personality number 1, you are a person that glows with vibrant and favourable energy. Generally, courage and determination in dealing with difficulties are the important qualities you value from yourself the most.

People around you get the impression that you are the type of person who cannot be pushed around as you appear very organized and competent. With this kind of high stature, you complement it by looking dignified and dressing in an appropriate manner. Formal attires and bright colours compliment your personality and add to the leader figure you are trying to project.

Transit (Essence) Number
As for this number’s transit essence, it presents a period of great strength and energy which is usually combined with wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities. It offers favourable conditions in fulfilling your dreams in life. This is an advantageous time for you to commence new things that could last for a life time such as establishing new business, starting a family, meeting new people or setting up a different career direction.

During this time, you may also be able to obtain acknowledgement for previous hard works and accomplishments. The natural leadership skills you possess including your creative problem solving abilities and unique ideas can be at their peak now.

Make sure to utilize these for your benefit as this essence may lead to several changes in your current status quo and life situation. Because of these possibilities, it is important for you to make the right decision and take the necessary risks to achieve what you have always expected.

(Birth) Day Number
When it comes to (birth) day number 1, you have an intense desire to have an advantage over others. As a born leader, the sun is your sign which represents aggression, ambition and action.

You are blessed with sharp and outstanding brainpower as well as exceptional talent that can make you impressively excellent in running huge organizations, institutions and businesses. Since Ones symbolize a positive and pure energy, you are most likely to be a risk taker, pioneer and innovator.

Personal Year Number
With personal year number 6, Personal year 1 suggests a fresh and pleasant beginning of a new nine year cycle. It is a time to face exciting experiences and to encounter challenging paths in your journey. It holds the promise of countless of favourable circumstances and good opportunities.

Your energy is at height which makes you see life as full of pleasurable adventures and good chances of success. This is a period to review your goals and start working on them.

Life Challenge Number
Those with number 1 life challenge number may become constantly preoccupied with the thought of how and when will the goals they have set materialize. There is a tendency for these individuals to move aggressively which will most likely hinder success.

You may experience a feeling of frustration since you perceive that unfair circumstances are getting in your way. With this life challenge, you may assume a position that indicates animosity and defensiveness and you may find fault on others whenever you’re disappointed.

To overcome this, you should handle each difficult situation you encounter in a gentler and more temperate manner. Keep your focus on trying a more systematic plan that can help you hit your mark instead of entertaining your negative emotions.

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