Numerology Number 11

Life Path Number
The life path number for the master number 11 is mainly directed towards becoming a source of inspiration to other people. Eleven is a combination of the qualities and characteristics of an exceedingly enthusiastic number 1 and a positive number 2. Most elevens are born leaders possessing great powers of charm and influence even without conscious effort. It is very easy for you to gain friends and followers as they consider you as someone who can provide knowledge along with intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. With your innate talents, your life path will lead you to success in any area as long as these positive characteristics and innate abilities are developed and are appropriately utilized for the good of the majority.

Destiny Number
With regards to the destiny number, of a number eleven, success in any field will be achieved so long as talents and capabilities are positively employed. Your unique capacity for invention will certainly lead you to fame and admiration. Eleven is a source of great inventors, artists, religious leaders, prophets and leading personalities who made names in history. You have excellent communication and persuasive skills that makes people listen to every word you say, believe in you and adapt your ways. If balance is achieved and maintained within the spirit of a number 11 and self discipline is observed, you will be one of the most extraordinary and gifted individuals who will be playing a great role in the society as well as in other people’s lives.

Inner (Soul) Number
For the inner soul number 11, much of your inner soul desires, interests and hidden passions are associated with the intellectual, the mystical, the spiritual and the idealistic aspirations. Most often than not, you love the idea of sharing your insights and ideals to other people and help them by influencing them abstractly.

You have the vision of an absolute and utopian world where harmony and balance dwells within every being. Nevertheless, you are not a very realistic individual as you possess intense idealism and this could cause frustration and disappointment on your part.

You may sometimes refuse to deviate from the perfect thought you have created which at some point presents a level of self-deception. Also, you have the tendency to become excessively emotional and very sensitive which can contribute to nervous tension. There is a great need to identify the gap between fantasy and reality.

Outer (Personality) Number
When it comes to the outer personality number 11, elevens are often looked up to as great leaders and source of inspiration in the eyes of most people. You are perceived as a calming and comforting shelter that freely gives out encouraging and inspiring words especially in times of difficulties.

Your warm radiance is one of the many reasons why people are drawn to you. You are a good listener as well as an adviser. Neat and clean clothes compliment your personality. Soft, comfortable and flowing dresses match with your unthreatening and attractive personality. You possess a delicate sense of beauty and admirable perception with almost everything.

There seems to be a kind of grace within you and the people surrounding you often notice this. Others feel loved and important whenever they are with you however, there are some that perceive your gentleness as a sign of weakness and may underestimate your capabilities.

Transit (Essence) Number
This number in transit essence presents a period that requires you to keep your concentration on the spiritual aspect of life as well as for self reflection. It is a time to understand your inner self, determine your potentials and pursue higher human ideals. Eleven essence is not focused on carrying out goals but is geared toward gaining knowledge or wisdom with regards to your relationships to your own soul, to God and to your family.

Since you possess the capability to communicate well and influence others, it is important that you deepen your understanding about things so you may share it to the society and provide enlightenment. This time, you may also want to consider assessing previous changes and the actions that you have made and learn from it.

(Birth) Day Number
Having a (birth) day number of eleven means that you are born with a strong level of intuition and a very idealistic view of life. You possess a unique gift to connect and understand the conscious and subconscious domains of your being. Most people with birthday number 11 are highly sensitive and emotional.

You are likely to understand people’s behaviours and their motivations. You have the tendency to inspire others and influence them to move in a particular path, or embrace new sets of ideas. On the negative side, you are not very good at handling criticisms.

Your idea of the perfect sometimes keeps you stuck and rigid. Your overly sensitive behaviour may create obstacles in achieving your set objectives as you always mind what people have to say about you. Moreover, you have a great deal of determination and enthusiastic spirit which will more likely lead you to success.

Personal Year Number
The personal year for the number eleven offers a period for inner self growth. This is the time in which you are demanded to share your wonderful thoughts and insights to those in need. Your time for this year will be rendered in guiding and enlightening others to take the right path. This also offers a chance for knowing yourself better and deeper.

Your intuitive skill is at its height this year and it is best for you to put your energy into artistic or creative projects where you can fully develop your innate talents as well as gain more wisdom about your own potentials. There will be some unforeseen alliance or breakups this year. Moreover, it also brings several opportunities to earn distinction or fame as you are a person whom people listens to and look up to with great respect. This time will also be favourable in starting a new project, invention or service. In general, this is a good year to look forward to.

Life Challenge Number
The life challenge number for those individuals with life path number 11 is aimed towards handling frustrations and disappointments you may encounter in achieving your goals. You are a person with somewhat rigid personality and you are likely to be engaged with your idealistic or perfect view of life.

Your high and unrealistic expectations can contribute to emotional instability and may lead to depression. It is very helpful for you to set realistic goals within a reasonable time as well as to be able to adjust and move on when objectives are not satisfied.

A good sense of direction is also needed as you may tend to get confused since there is so much going on in your psyche. Understanding of one’s self is of utmost importance in achieving your desired goals and satisfaction.

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