Number 2

Number Two in the Life Path implies that you are an individual with a regular pattern of behaviour and you prefer to maintain the routine you are accustomed to. You are overly sentimental and affectionate which brings out your ability to take into account all sides’ merits without prejudice or favouritism. You are efficient in seeing the full range of standpoints in dealing with arguments or disputes. The positive traits of people with life path 2 include sincerity, fairness and honesty in thought, word and deed which makes you a good mediator. People seek your assistance because of your fair and effective strategies in settling disagreements.

Destiny Number
Talking about destiny numbers, the defining characteristics number 2s possess are sensitivity, diplomacy and compassion. They have an intuitive sense of what is right and appropriate which creates an admirable speaker and mediator in them.

They also have the tendency to persuade with so much emotion and passion that they can easily facilitate the resolution of any conflict. Moreover, their tranquil and serene nature makes it possible for them to gain many friends. People are drawn towards their good sense of humour, sincere care and concern for others’ well being along with their pleasing personality. Rather than go for aggressiveness, use a clever ruse or scheme to realize your goals.

Inner (Soul) Number
In soul urge, the heart of 2 is customarily geared towards cultivating significant connection among the people he or she cares about as there is a great desire to dedicate spirit into something or someone. You are very interested and concerned of other people’s welfare which makes you a little bit sensitive and emotional. Your ability to adapt to new situations and to bring a harmonious balance within your environment is one of your greatest assets. You are often mindful of the needs, wishes and feelings of others that you become too submissive and passive. Possessing a calming and pleasing nature makes you a good moderator and conversationalist. Most often than not, you are a great in maintaining peace and order in handling disputes or disagreements.

Outer (Personality) Number
If you have 2 as your outer personality number, what strikes people about you is your gentle and warm approach. It often gives people the idea that you are a friendly and genuinely caring individual which makes them enjoy being with you. The common impressions you will always hear is that you are a gentle and soft-hearted person with an approachable demeanour.

You radiate more with your attentive nature that causes the opposite sex to easily get attracted to you. You make an exceedingly pleasing individual as you are a patient, sympathetic and outstanding listener. Most often than not, people feel important and loved with every encounter they have with you since you exhibit so much concern and understanding towards their interests.

In spite of this, you may have had not so good experiences during childhood that made you somewhat unsure of yourself. This contributes to a low self-esteem, which allows you to get easily rattled in difficult situations.

Transit (Essence) Number
The Transit Essence Number 2 is a period of interrupted growth and delayed progress with regards to achieving personal goals. You are likely to become more frustrated with a lot of shortcomings this year making you more emotional in the process. You may feel as if this is one of the lengthiest years in your life since developments are slow and difficult to attain.

If you are unable to cope up with the stress this transit brings, you may suffer a nervous or emotional breakdown. In the bright side, it provides an opportunity for you to learn and adapt new stratagems that may be useful in turning the wheel to your advantage.

(Birth) Day Number
Those with birthday number 2 are warm and affable in nature. This indicates sensitivity and vulnerability that often causes them to constantly need affection. If you have the sign of the moon, you are likely to display a calming and gentle approach. Making friends is an easy job for you and your diplomatic abilities make you a great peacemaker and with these characteristics, you often maintain a very comfortable and stress-free environment.

Art, beauty and attention are the dishes you want to be served and you want to give. However, with too much sensitivity, you are more predisposed to depression and mood swings and you may poorly handle hardships and life challenges. Lack of self confidence is one of your weakest qualities that can greatly affect your performance in achieving your goals.

Personal Year Number
The personal year 2 provides an opportunity for you to build and strengthen relationships, maintain harmony within your circle, initiate partnerships and balance difficult situations. It is a good time to enter a relationship as well as to strengthen the bonds you have already built with your family.

During this year, there are a lot of things to look forward to. It is however recommended for you not to be aggressive as this is a period of waiting for the right timing to make a move. You may find yourself on a standstill with regards to chasing after your dreams but it would be better to look at it as a stage of development.

It is very important to get yourself ready for delays, alternative routes and pauses so patience is a virtue that you should particularly develop at this time.

Life Challenge Number
With the life challenge number 1, it is difficult for you to work with people since you are too sensitive and can be too afraid to be criticized. You lack self-confidence and you are afraid to be ignored.

The Life Challenges for you for this number include oversensitivity and the clamour for affection. You tend to worry unnecessarily and your poor self-image has been brought about by failing to set ambitions during the previous years of your life, which may lead you to constantly heed others’ approval and letting them take control of your decisions.

You may tend to worry about accepting responsibilities but let this be instead the period where you can gain wisdom with a generous amount of patience. Focus on setting goals and try not to take things personally.

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