Number 4

Life Path Number
Individuals with Life Path 4 are fundamentally important in any community they are a part of because of their trustworthy, realistic and humble attitude. You are able to perceive things in a very down-to-earth and sensible manner which can make you a brilliant organizer and designer of plans.

This life path allows you to learn how to follow instructions and execute them with enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance. You are very determined and firm with regards to the decisions you have already laid down. Assignments are done in utmost certainty which results in a job well done.

In relationships, you make a loyal and affectionate partner. In business, you are most often than not, very reliable and dependable. You are very careful in choosing friends as you intend to keep them for life.

Destiny Number
With regards to destiny numbers, fours are those who insist that every detail must be correct. You can withstand difficult conditions and rough treatments as you are understanding and gentle.

In addition, managing stress and difficulty is your forte. You are not afraid of what the future will bring as you have already thought of the pros and cons of each action or decision you make. This quality, if accompanied with flexibility will aid you towards the realization of your dreams.

You may be stiff and unyielding at times which makes it very hard for you to embrace change or adapt new opinions and behaviours. With regards to relaying and carrying out tasks, you always have high expectations for both yourself and your subordinates which can then lead to disappointments when your standards are not met.

Inner (Soul) Number
Under inner soul urge number 4, you are basically geared towards achieving security and stability in your life. You are most comfortable with typical customs and traditions as well as in doing routine activities you are already familiar with. Abrupt changes may cause a halt in your momentum thus making you lose composure and for you to feel frightened.

You are a very reliable person since you always see to it that expectations and goals are met on a given time frame. You have the innate ability to assess the probability of success and failure. Your determination and perseverance amidst challenges are the contributing factors in assuring a better future for yourself.

You value your privacy and you are not much interested in hanging out idly with other people. Your desires are centred in accomplishing intended goals for yourself, your family or within your work place.

Outer (Personality) Number
When it comes to outer personality, fours exude dependability and coherence. This allows other people to trust in your abilities and judgements. You are an indispensible constituent of a group as your work is always done efficiently and expertly. You dress in a work-appropriate and humble manner with touches of conservatism, tradition and practicality. People respect you not just because of your appearance but because of your effective performance. It is important for you consider the results of your present actions as you are very cautious of the future.

Transit (Essence) Number
Four in transit essence presents a need for assurance and stability. It is a time to learn to take responsibility, accountability and discipline. Now is also a time to review your goals and to keep your attention focused on your work. This essence may provide an opportunity for you to fix issues regarding your relationships with the people you value.

Setting priorities is a must since you need to give more importance in handling financial matters. It requires you to stay determined and practical for you to be able to achieve what you desire in life. Development may be a little bit slow however; you have to keep in mind that this is the time for improving and perfecting your positive qualities so as to become more prepared in the future.

Extend your patience and do not be discouraged. You may encounter hardships which are more serious and unfamiliar. It would be more helpful for you to find lessons from these challenges and deal with them very carefully. In many ways, you may feel limitations in your freedom but be more flexible as in time, you will reap the fruits of your hard works.

(Birth) Day Number
This birthday number is represented by the planet Mercury. With this, you are likely to be more disciplined and responsible. Sincerity and honesty are positive characteristics which makes you a wonderful company.

Your energy is radiant and well-lit. You are a hard-working and conscientious individual. You give the best of your ability in every endeavour you are engaged in.

Being morally upright is your principle in life and you tend to be more compassionate with others’ feelings and interests. In addition, you have amazing perseverance and endurance in handling difficult circumstances.

Personal Year Number
The personal year number 4 poses the need for patience, patience, responsibility, leadership and power. This year is a period when obligations are at its greatest need. It provides an opportunity for you to organize and prioritize your assignments and put generous amount of effort in each task.

This busy year will also be the time of profit once unfinished projects had been completed. During this year, it is recommended for you to find more creative alternatives in solving problems. With lessons learned from the loads of challenges this year, you will be able to gain edge in the following cycle.

As many people rely on your capabilities, dependence may develop on their part and this could add up to your burden. It may be a year with disappointments and frustrations hence maintaining self-control and emotional stability is important. Take one step at a time and do not be overly cautious as this may aggravate the situation more.

Life Challenge Number

This number has a life challenge that indicates difficulty in searching for the place you are best suited in. It may be hard for you to find a stable job as well as to identify what career path is the most for you. Emotional distress may keep your attention away from your work. There is a possibility that you may act irresponsibly and unrealistically making people lose trust in you. It is vital that you learn how to be patient, understanding and reasonable.

Look for an impetus or drive to pull your butt up and start planning for the future and achieve your goals within a rational time frame. With this life challenge, it offers an opportunity to discover a sense of value and purpose as well as the ability to make your dreams come true. If you are responsible enough during this time, direction and success will be forthcoming.

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