Numerology Number 6

Life Path Number
The life path number 6 is a track for being in the service of others. For people under this number, you tend to have a deep well of kindness reserved for other people. It is especially in your nature to be a rescuer and help people who are in distress since you feel a certain kind of fulfilment through these acts.

It’s just something that comes easy for you due to your inherent tendency for wanting to take care of people. Ever empathizing and understanding, one of your main goals in life is to be able to utilize your innate helping nature in order to come to the aid of others in the process.

One common pitfall of this life path though is the inability to see when you become too interfering with others, as there should always be a balance between helping and doing too much.

Destiny Number
When it comes to the destiny number, those under number 6 are typically led to experiences where they can show their propensity for helping others. You are capable of taking on responsibility and have genuine concern for others, which are two of the most crucial traits in helping you fulfil your potential in being able to be of service to other people.

You place deep value in your social connections and more so with your family. This kind of commitment to your loved ones enables you to be a great backbone of support to them. The key in having this destiny number is to stabilize the harmony in your life since conflicts tend to badly affect your spirit.

Inner (Soul) Number
For the inner soul number 6, it just means that at the core, your natural ability lies in the way you can take care of others. You’re not the type to shun away duties as you think it’s an integral part of being able to live fully. Moreover, you sometimes overexert yourself by taking on duties and obligations from others who refuse to take on their own respective roles.

You seek justice and fairness at all costs because you feel too much for the weak and the downtrodden. Deep inside, you always place your bets with the underdogs of any competition because you ceaselessly root for them to come out as the winners. As a champion for the oppressed, you have a tendency for being too punishing with others who don’t feel the same views as yours.

Outer (Personality) Number
With the outer personality number 6, you tend to exude a dependable and charming persona. People automatically sense that you can be trusted and be counted on for help. For this reason, you might find yourself the crying shoulder of a lot of people, even random strangers you’ve just met. Somehow, you seem to invite people’s confidence when it comes to confiding in you.

In spite these wonderful traits, you do have a tendency to be stubborn and unwavering in your beliefs even if the situation calls for a little bit of flexibility on your part. Furthermore, you might find yourself playing the role of a martyr with various people who will take advantage of your helping nature.

Transit (Essence) Number
The transit essence for this number means that this period in your life is a time for facing your responsibilities not just with your family, but your other loved ones as well. It is definitely an inspiring point in your life as others will definitely look to you for additional guidance in their own lives. Don’t fear taking on this role because this is a part of your calling to be able to serve other people.

Once you’ve fulfilled your function for this period, you’ll be more likely to arrive at success’ doorstep in a timely manner. In spite of the good tidings ahead, this juncture in your life also foretells of various emotional up and downs that you have to face before achieving success.

(Birth) Day Number
Having a (birth) day number of 6 means that you place a big value on your family relations. Your talent lies in being able to mitigate unruly discussions or squabbles from two opposing parties. This is due to the fact that you always strive to be on neutral grounds when it comes to any kind of dispute, making you a suitable candidate in fulfilling role of a peacekeeper.

In addition to your well-developed ability of being of service to others, you also have good artistic inclinations in whatever field you choose. You value and treasure art along with your desire to help others. These two fundamental traits make you a good career match as an artist, healer, doctor, counsellor and other such similar professions.

Personal Year Number
With personal year number 6, home is where your heart lies. You are adamant in protecting your loved ones and your nurturing nature makes you a great guide and counsellor for anything they’ve been going through at the moment. This is especially a time of providing assistance to your family, as this is a year full of personal sacrifices on your part.

You will also find yourself developing a lot of your relationships in this period, which will inevitably strengthen the bond that you have with them. Aside from improving relationships, this is also the year when a lot of relationships can end especially if a particular relationship is no longer mutually beneficial between you and the other party.

Life Challenge Number
Last but not the least, the life challenge number 6 means you may have difficulty when it comes to integrating your personal standards to what you can really do in real life. Remember that one’s idealized self can be different from one’s actual self. Nonetheless, another additional challenge for you is to curb your controlling ways and to refrain from being too exacting.

If these traits are not kept in check, your relationships may suffer due to the fact that you refuse to see the other person’s point of view. Work on reducing your inflexibility as others may view you as uncompromising and intolerant. Learn to be more accepting of other’s foibles and quirks since no two people can exactly have the same view on things.

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