Number 7

Life Path Number
The life path number 7 suggests a life mainly of solitude. This does not mean however, that you’ll end up being alone for the rest of your life. It just means that you are most likely to employ escapism routes in order to avoid heartaches, pain or trials in your life making you more withdrawn or result in your preference to be alone.

In spite of your sensitive nature, you possess a love for beauty when it comes to your natural surroundings. This same sensitivity will also lead you to lead a more private and secluded life away from prying eyes of people. Due to your propensity to get hurt easily, you tend to over-analyse people’s motives and intentions.

Destiny Number
For destiny number 7, your fate lies in things that cater to your ability to analyse situations or people. Your curious and insightful nature is also a big plus in helping you draw out conclusions that may typically stump other people. Due to your deep well of knowledge, people who love learning will definitely feel more drawn to you than with other people.

As the years progress, you’ll be able to realize that you can’t always take the role of a spectator since true living is in doing. Although your inclination is in a life of introspection, it would be helpful to come out of yourself once in a while in order for you to gain new insights.

Inner (Soul) Number
With an inner soul number 7, you value knowledge in a way that surpasses most, if not all, of your other interests in life. You like learning about various things that may or may not necessarily be applicable in a lot of areas in your life. Learning is an inherent of your personality because it fulfils you like no other that’s why reading is probably one of your foremost hobbies.

You possess a vivid imagination that spans various worlds that you can create and bend at your will. Although you are almost always full of ides, it is a struggle for you to be able to make others understand how valuable your ideas can be in the long run.

Outer (Personality) Number
The outer personality number 7 emits a kind of inexplicable enigma to people under this number. You might frequently come off as serious and diligent that most people are typically intimidated at you before they even approach you. As a part of your personality, you are a private but a self-sufficient person. It is extremely hard to get to know you, as you don’t believe that trust should be given freely since it should always be earned.

You also automatically command respect due to your scholarly façade that does not justify the depth of knowledge you hold inside. Be careful not to come across as too arrogant since you are all too capable of putting on an air of condescension that can irritate a lot of people.

Transit (Essence) Number
A transit or essence number of 7 signifies a time in your life where you’ll experience a spike in your wisdom. During this transit, it is highly likely that you may be able to think the most brilliant ideas you’ve ever thought in your entire life.

This time supports all kinds of intellectual pursuits so it is best to undergo any kind of mental project you might have been thinking for quite some time. Success will be at your hands once you’re able to satisfy your need to manifest your genius into a project.

However, this period will also mean that you’ll be more isolated than you have ever been in your life. This is the price you must pay in being able to easily take on any kind of scholarly objective with great ease and favorable outcome.

(Birth) Day Number
The birth day number 7 gives the person under this date to have a bit of a perfectionist streak. In some cases, you might also suffer from being too obsessive-compulsive. In spite this; you strive to be an individual of your own since conformity and herd-mentality does not jive too well with your personality.

You are meticulous and a stickler for details but be careful on being too caught up in the minute aspects of something because you may never see the large picture. Two of your key strengths lie in the fact that you can easily analyze and rationalize anything. These traits make you a formidable opponent in any kind of intellectual sparring.

Personal Year Number
Having a personal year number 7 means that you need to take this year more slowly since this is a time for you to be able to amply rest from the previous hectic years that left you gasping for air most of the time. It would especially do you good to take the time out to reflect any changes and milestones you have experienced in your life.

It is recommended that you refrain from hatching out new projects or ventures at this time since it might not be good for your overall well-being. This will definitely be a year to prepare and refill your depleted sources for the oncoming onslaught of activities in the following year.

Life Challenge Number

With a life challenge number 7, you’ll be hard pressed to deal with your emotions, as it is not an aspect of yourself that you frequently delve into. It may lead you to repress your feelings more in order to keep the appearance that you’re doing just fine by yourself.

If you refuse to admit that you need to face your emotions in order to a better person, it may lead you to further withdraw yourself. If worse comes to worst, you may completely retreat from the outside world when things become too much to handle.

On another note, you may frequently find yourself entertaining negative thoughts that do nothing but make you more touchy and wary of other people. This kind of emotional or psychological repression will inevitably manifest itself into imagined illnesses that you think you might be experiencing.

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