Number 8

Life Path Number
The life path number 8 denotes a course of leadership and guidance. You have what it takes to amass considerable wealth due to your abilities to organize and control yourself. Managing comes easy for you since you feel so comfortable in supervising other people.

You’re quite adept in handling any kind of business or money matters that’s why others look up to you for financially savvy advice. Unlike others who have to school themselves for years in order to get an inkling of how things work in an enterprise, this skill comes naturally with you. You plan for the long-term and are able to see a vision that can be materialized with the right direction.

Destiny Number
A destiny under this number foretells unfavourable things to come. You might experience a lot of delays, failure and disgrace when you’re under this destiny number. On a more positive note, this number will also lead you to new areas where you can explore great opportunities.

You seek the limelight and you enjoy being the centre of attention in any kind of event. As time progresses, you’ll definitely learn a lot of valuable lessons pertaining to your growth as a person. You’ll be able to achieve any of your dreams in life as long as you continue your persistent streak. Remember to never get caught up in the end result, as the process of any journey is as important as achieving success itself.

Inner (Soul) Number
The soul urge for this number is to be able to accumulate wealth and achieve success in any area in one’s life. This number connotes assurance and confidence to anyone under this number making them a force to reckon with in any kind of endeavour. In spite of your material desires, you still long to improve the life of others with whatever blessings that may come your way.

You appreciate beauty and you’d love to spruce up your surroundings with splendid works of art. On the other hand, be careful not to put too much weight on transient things like wealth since these things after all, are transitory and could never take the place of meaningful relationships in anyone’s life.

Outer (Personality) Number
Personality number 8 imbues a person under it a certain kind of ambitiousness that’s hard-pressed to extinguish. There is a certain quest for power that these personalities aim for, both in their business and personal relationships. They have a commanding appearance that is bolstered by their inner strength and courage.

They are not afraid of taking on big challenges, as they know that nothing is as insurmountable as it seems. They also take on the leader roles seamlessly since they feel comfortable in being the ones who handle the reins in any kind of work. Moreover, they know that a good image is vital in being able to hold other’s respect so they go to great lengths in ensuring that they appear reputable and established.

Transit (Essence) Number
The transit number 8 signifies a period that’s ideal for career or business growth. You’ll be able to significantly improve your finances at this time due to favourable events that will lead you in being able to get or save more money.

If you’re planning to expand your business or career then this is definitely a ripe time to do so. There is a definite progress you can experience in this period as long as you couple hard work with all the good tidings your getting. Your focus in your work or any venture will pay off for this is a time of reaping your rewards for the hard spent years of the previous years.

(Birth) Day Number
Having a birthday number 8 means you more than likely possess an immense talent when it comes to handling business or finances. Some of your key traits include your being innovative, pioneering and authentic in your approaches in in both the business and personal aspects of your life.

You typically employ a sound judgment when deciding on both trivial and crucial points in your life. Be wary of coming across as too tyrannical to others since you almost always believe that you’re always right. You’re competitive nature can be a hindrance in being able to work with any kind of activities that involve other groups or partnerships with other people.

Personal Year Number
For the personal year 8, this will be a good time to build your aspirations and dreams as the odds are in your favour. Moreover, any business dealings ventures or for this year will net you profitably. Utilize this year by going for everything you’ve ever dreamt of, as there’s a big chance you’ll be able to attain each one of them.

For better karma, give back to others by sharing the wealth and good tidings you’ll be receiving. Besides financial rewards, you will also find yourself making a lot of important decisions regarding personal and business matters. However, the opposite can also happen if an individual under this personal year refuses to do his share of the work. Idleness and a dismissive attitude will result in financial challenges instead of a prosperous one since opportunities are only as good as the people they’re bestowed on.

Life Challenge Number
Lastly, life challenge number 8 represents superficiality and an undue acquisitiveness. Since this number brings a lot of material wealth, it can also turn a person who can be too caught up in greed. In some cases, a person under this number will have a need to keep up appearances by judging himself or others by what clothes they’re wearing or how prepossessing can someone be on the outside.

Because of these traits, people under the life challenge number 8 may employ scheming tactics like manipulation, lying and others just to be able to get what they want. You may find yourself frequently insisting that others should have it your way but remember not just one person can make all the decisions. This might cause you some, if not most, of your relationships – both business and personal ones.

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